Jenny Hellström



I love that you are here, Welcome!

I’m a fashion designer and a mindfulness coach. I started my own fashion label when I was 19 and ran it for 12 years. The brand sold clothing and accessories in 15 countries in more than 150 stores and in the company’s last year, it sold over 40.000 pieces of clothing per year.

Since then, I’ve been consulting in the fashion industry, I’ve written two Fashion/ Sewing books and hosted a TV show on the same theme on SVT (Swedish TV channel). All with the aim to inspire others to express themselves, stand up for what they like and pay tribute to the creativity in all of us. The connection between creativity and  mindfulness is beautiful. Creativity IS in many ways about being in the moment, being mindful of the process within. You are welcome to read more about mindfulness at my website.

Here at Tictail you can buy some of my sewing patterns and mindfulness courses. 
I hope you´ll find something you like.

Love Jenny
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